Mindball is a two person game controlled by players’ brain waves. Mindball is produced by the Swedish Company Interactive Productline. The concept originates from the prototype Brainball which was developed by the Smart Studio at The Interactive Institute also in Sweden.

Players, wearing headbands, sit opposite to each other at the Mindball table. The ball moves on the playing area back and forth until it rolls into one of the player’s goal. Brain waves are detected by sensors attached to the headbands. The sensors (electrodes) are connected to a biosensor system. The biosensor system registers the electrical activity in the brain - EEG (Electroencephalogram).

Mindball requires players to relax so that they can focus. Players with lower Alpha and Theta waves are more likely to succeed.

The players’ brain activity is graphically displayed so that the public can follow the players’ mental processes during the match.

The table can be purchased for approximately $20,000.

The principle was designed by two Italian scientists, Vinicio de Bortoli(live) and Ugo Licinio(dead).


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Emotiv Systems - a manufacturer with plans to introduce a gaming headset allowing players to influence gameplay with their thoughts.

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