List of Devices
Creator Release Electrodes Other Sensors Movements Estimated Cost SDK
EPOC Emotiv Summer 2009[1][2] 16 Two-axis gyros for measuring head rotation 13 (6 directions and 6 rotations plus 1 other visualization e.g. disappear) $299 or free for early-bird and special users Yes
NIA OCZ May 2008 3 (front) Ocular sensors Multiple mapped profiles $160 retail No
ThinkGear NeuroSky March 2007 1 - - business to business only, ~$10 in volume quantity Yes


All of these (unless otherwise stated) use EEG as their primary method of neuroimaging for use in the devices.


These consumer-devices are in the hundreds or less, whereas most medical EEG machines cost between $50,000 and $250,000[3].

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